The intervention took place from June 2018 until June of 2019. Two patients and one caregiver were selected with certain specific criteria and were trained by a University medical Professor and a senior psychologist. The training lasted 8 weeks in 4 three-hour sessions. The patients and the caregiver were then integrated in the training of 44 health care professionals. The health care professionals work in a multidisciplinary home care setting (doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and physiotherapists). Five full training workshops took place spread over 8 months. The aim was to fully integrate the patients and caregivers perspective of the care they received by the health system. The goal was a success and had a profound and lasting effect on the patients-caregivers and health care professionals alike. For the first time in Cyprus, patients and caregivers sat around the same table as equals and shared insight experiences of what it means to receive and provide care. Themes of the workshops included Compassionate Care (compassion fatigue, empathy, therapeutic relationship), Self-Care (spiritual care, lifestyle interventions, stress management), Communication (MDT, Conflict resolution, managing relationships) and Change management ( leadership in health care)