TNM2: Ireland

transnational meeting 2

16-17 September 2019
Dublin, Ireland

The meeting was chaired by Liam O’Sullivan, Executive Director of Care Alliance Ireland, with Minutes taken by Kevin Deegan, Research Assistant with Care Alliance Ireland.  Mr Liam O’Sullivan welcomed each of the participants to the offices of Mental Health Ireland, and kicked off the meeting.  After the welcome speeches, each of the project partners made presentations/updates about the work of their organisation, the state of play with respect to family carers in their respective countries and their strategy in relation to the implementation of the project.

Partner Updates

Mr. Kevin Deegan began by giving short presentation on National Carers Week 2019 in Ireland and described why Care Alliance, with assistance from 11 other partner organisations, coordinate a Carers Week. Kevin described what the aim of Carers Week is and why it has become an annual event. There was some strong engagement from the participants with many questions focusing on the use of social media, events and merchandise. 

Mr. Stecy Yghemonos gave a brief update on Eurocarers work and the current priorities of the organisation within the relevant EU structures and bodies.

Ms. Sophie Lloret gave a brief update on the work of La Compagnie des Aidants and also showed the group a video of their work, which highlighted the use of a bus/campervan to raise awareness of family carers in France. 

Mr. Spyridon Zormpas shared the current and future European projects for EPIONI. Mr. Zorbas emphasised that EPIONI is a new organization but active in the advocacy of Greek family carers. Mr. Zormpas finally mentioned the collaboration with PEPSAEE and with the European partners. Mr. Zormpas also updated the group briefly on the status of the website. Mr. Zormpas highlighted the upcoming EPIONI conference focusing on caregivers in Greece, which is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Health in Greece. 

Mr. Nikos Drosos gave an update on the work of PEPSAEE, highlighted the work being done by the organisation for people with psychosocial problems. Mr. Drosos highlighted conference in Athens, discussed housing for mental health patients. Mr. Drosos stated that PEPSAEE raises awareness of events, art festivals etc. for mental health patients and their families. 

Dr. Emma Miller gave a short introduction about her work, a short overview of the presentation she will make later in the day. 

With the partner updates concluded, Mr. Drosos gave a brief update on the evaluation of the project, and how this will be done. 

Update on Project Outputs

Mr. Zormbas updated the group on the outputs of the project to-date, such as the continued updates to the, the good practices guide and the project newsletter. 

Online Good Practice Guide – Content Generation

Mr. Spyridon Zormpas gave an update to the group about the online good practice and content generation. The website, since Aug 2019, now allows for individuals, organisations, family carers, researchers etc. to submit good practice tips and resources for family/informal carers. This is done on the website, through Google forms, and is available in its current form in Greek and English. 

Project Newsletter

Mr. Zormpas shared the 1st project newsletter with the group. The newsletter details updates, news and project progress to a wider audience and highlights future meetings between the partners. 


Mr. Zormpas shared the leaflet with the group and a short discussion was had on the effectiveness of the short leaflet, which was praised for being short and concise, but informative of what the project is attempting to achieve. Mr. Zormpas highlighted that the leaflet is already available in three languages, Greek, English and French.